Saviour of All Fellowship
October 2005

Dear Friends in Faith,
     It gives me (Tony) great pleasure to give a report concerning my trip to Alabama. Sterling and Fran Perry flew me down at their own expense to their home in southern Alabama for some fellowship. We drove over to Mississippi to the home of Richard and Thana Bachelor and had a very profitable Bible study and a happy time of fellowship. You just cannot beat that southern hospitality! Richard is suffering from cancer but was encouraged by the fellowship. One of my talks was concerning the word “ransom” as it relates to all mankind in 1 Tim.2:4-6. Paul wrote that “God wills that all mankind be saved . . . for. . . Christ is giving Himself a correspondent Ransom for all.” Old Testament Scriptures were brought to bear on the subject showing that all who were ransomed were freed, no questions asked. Once the ransom was made it was like a legal binding instrument in which the person held had to be freed. Since all mankind have been ransomed, it only stands to reason that the will of God is such that they be freed into His salvation and realization of the truth. We continued with a good time of fellowship at Sterling and Fran’s. My subject was taken from John 1:9: “It was the true light which is enlightening every man coming into the world.” Since all mankind are not enlightened in this life, it must be that, in the future, they will experience this consequent to their being raised from the dead.
     As most of you know, hurricane Katrina caused much devastation in New Orleans. Yet there was much destruction in Mississippi and Alabama as well. The Perry’s home was damaged by the previous hurricane Ivan as well as Katrina. They must re-roof their home and work building, and re-do the ceiling of their living room due to water damage, not to mention all the other things they must repair. The Bachelor’s residence also sustained dam­age. Many trees along the countryside were either uprooted or broken half way up from the high winds. There were also many homes and businesses destroyed near the coast due to what is called a storm surge which is like a tsunami in that a wall of water rushes through areas near the coast. I understand that the surge was as high as thirty feet!
     Prayers are requested for all living in that area. Special thanks to Sterling and Fran, Richard and Thana for their hospitality. Due to his line of work in the home restoration business, Sterling comes in contact with many people, a number of whom are slowly coming in the truths we believe due to his testimony. As to be expected, they are all at different levels of understanding.
     We are still working each day at the 6800 Hough Road address and will probably continue here awhile longer. Thanks to those who are adding P.O. Box 314 to our address; this helps in this period of transition. We are looking forward this month to a working visit from Don and Marja Bast who have sold their home in Sudbury, Ontario, and are moving to British Columbia. Besides a stopover here, they will also join with Orville Hunt and the friends at Bible Fellowship in Grand Rapids on October 23 (phone 616-457-2213).
     The dates for the annual Scripture conference near Wagener, South Carolina are October 28-30 (phone Rick Farwell at 803-564-3464).

Yours in God’s grace and peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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